Interfaith AIDS Prayer

by Rev. Sam Trumbore

This is a massaged Catholic invocation which was given to me for an interfaith AIDS Healing and Prayer service at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Punta Gorda, Florida. I include it in this collection as an example of one way to harmonize U.U. words with traditional text in a way, I hope that affirms both traditions.

O Giver of the seed of life,
Yours is the morning
and yours is the evening.

Let the spirit of Jesus,
sunbeam of love and justice,
shine forever in our hearts
and draw us to his light
and thy radiant glory.

We remember Jesus' trials, persecution,
and his triumph over death,
his union with you and thy spirit,
Testimony to the oneness of God.

Remembering that oneness,
As we of many faiths gather in worship,
May we be united in asking for thy blessing
and thy presence in and amongst us this evening.


Copyright (c) 1995 by Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore, All Rights Reserved.