Florida Spring

Quietly in creeps the Florida spring,
First come the balmy warm breezes on wing
Soon to be heavy with pine pollen sneezes
Flowering oaks join the chorus of wheezes
New leaves replace the old making clutter
Scraping above the lanai with a flutter
Purplely blossoms in treetops delight
Love bugs a'circling courtship invite
Unpleasant gnats in the mangroves do hatch
Nibbling fry mean a promising catch
Dormant long vines of the wild grape stretch out
Reaching new branches the light to shutout
Evening brings sunsets the sky all a flame
Brightening lampposts draw bugs taking aim
Such are the signs of a Florida spring
Couldn't you stay for what summer will bring?

Copyright (c) 1995 by Samuel A. Trumbore, All Rights Reserved.