A Generic Mediation

Spirit of life,
Known by many names,
Spoken of in many tongues,
Bring our attention to you as we gather this hour
to expand our minds,
to renew our faith and
to strengthen our fellowship.

We pause to feel our thankfulness for the blessings of our lives:
The healing we've experienced whether or not we know the cause,
The warm connections with family and friends,
The means to enjoy the earthly pleasures of human form,
The gifts we constantly receive from each other, and
And the opportunities which brighten our future.

We pause to remember that all is not well.
War, hunger, disease, homelessness,
poverty and affliction ravage the world.
Each of us, no matter how blessed our lives,
struggles with our own demons.
Just about all of us have lost loved ones we miss dearly.
Many of us have chronic health problems we cope with daily.

These joys and woes mingle together inseparably,
always turning the waterwheel of time.
Under the endless cycle of the good and bad,
the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral,
There is truth which endures the test of time.
These truths are the foundations
upon which we can rely in times of trouble.
These truths affirm the inherent worth and value of each individual.

May we experience the calling to know these truths.
May we choose the respond with our whole being.
May our search for enduring truth be fruitful.

And if we experience no calling or choose not to respond,
May our faith remain strong that life is good and worth living.

Let us join in silent meditation to dwell in our own thoughts of thankfulness and appreciation, remembering those in our congregation in need. In this silence may we feel the preciousness of this time together.

... SO BE IT

Copyright (c) 1996 by Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore. All rights reserved.