Teach My Heart Healing Words

by Rev. Sam Trumbore

O Spirit of Life
Source of all that digs its roots deep in the soil.
Source of all that creeps and crawls on the earth.
Source driving bees to gather honey and flowers to open.
Dwell in and amongst us this day.

Teach my heart healing words.
Show me the words that help rather than harm.
Instruct me in the verbs which bring energy,
the nouns pointing to the real,
the adjectives describing your subtlies.
Reveal to me how words can be offered
in a way that connects rather than separates.
that develop trust and eshew suspiction,
that open the heart and relax the mind.

Much as we struggle against the forces of nature
we must admit our ultimate and complete vulerability.
May the connection of our hands
create strong bonds
to support the ongoing delight
of our participation in creation.


Copyright (c) 1995 by Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore, All Rights Reserved.