Ingathering Meditation

by Rev. Samuel Trumbore, 9/5/93

Like seekers crossing the desert in pilgrimage,
We return together for the journey.
Like rivers flowing together to meet the ocean,
We return together from many sources yet of one origin.

We acknowledge today the joy
of having this familiar home to return to again.
We celebrate today the excitement
of beginning a new chapter in the life of this Fellowship.

May we enter this new phase of congregational life
With gratitude to those before us
who gave of themselves and of their means to build this home.
With appreciation for those amongst us
Who labored and struggled to make my presence possible.
With commitment to those after us
Who will carry the dreams and vision born here to fruition.

The blessing we seek today
As we begin another cycle of awakening
Already resides within us
Awaiting discovery.
Awaiting recognition.
Awaiting appreciation.
Awaiting utilization.

May we trust that love WILL work in mysterious ways
Which will gather us together.

Copyright (c) 1995 by Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore, All Rights Reserved