An Expression of Gratitude

by Rev. Sam Trumbore

O, I can't complain, its been a good week.
The sun cracked the horizon just before dawn
And the sun fell off the edge around sunset
Coming and going in a glorious display of orange, yellow and
pink with a little flash of green for the observant.
Had my three squares each day
-- maybe a few too many beans --
But I wasn't hungry or thirsty.
The cool mornings were a welcome relief
to the hot unflinching eye of the sun.
O, I have my usual aches and pains and
touch of a cold with a runny nose this week.
Nothing a little R & R won't fix -
but any special boost would be appreciated.
There lots of folks who need the help more than me.
If there's a way to ask for that, I am doing it now.

O, I can't complain, I'm fortunate to have gotten this far.
I've had my moments when toilet overflowed
and my back seized up,
But today most systems are go.
And I'm ready to take a peek at eternity.

Copyright (c) 1995 by Rev. Samuel A. Trumbore, All Rights Reserved.