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Thursday, March 02, 2006
Waiting for the Mid-Sized Church Conference to Begin

Sitting in front of a screen at Kinko's in Phoenix realizing I haven't posted anything for a while. Part of the problem has been I haven't had any time to use a computer even though I've been checking my email. Life moves at a fast pace.

Philomena and Andy joined me in California the day after I arrived there and we spent a relaxed week together. While there I visited Dr. Ananda Guruge at the University of the West (in Rosemead) to talk with him about Humanistic Buddhism. (look for more on this subject from me in the future). Mostly we just had fun and I ate far too many dried mango slices from Trader Joe's.

At the end of that week I flew to Denver and rented a car to Golden, Colorado. I stayed with the UU minister of that congregation and spent an intense weekend and Monday morning learning what makes that congregation successful. The trip was well worth it. Being on the ground you see things that others wouldn't. Things like their great nametag rack. I'll be reporting on this visit to our congregation, probably to the Readiness Leadership Team first.

I left Monday to drive down here by taking I-70 up into the Rockies then driving south at around 9000 feet. The mountains were snow capped and very beautiful (look for a link with pictures in the future). I stayed overnight in Alamosa, Colorado then drove down to Sante Fe to meet my old Sufi teacher. We had breakfast for 2 1/2 hours catching up. She also gave me some excellent guidance for my life and ministry just by being who she is. I had to sit for about a half an hour to collect myself and let our conversation sit in a little church across the street. Turns out it was one of the oldest churches in America.

My next stop was Sedona but on a whim I stopped at the UU church in Albuquerque (try spelling that from memory!). Had a great talk about their growth with David Grimm and their staff. As always, lots of interesting ideas (and another name tag rack idea).

The next day I drove through Sedona and enjoyed the spectacular scenery. Continued on to a little town called Jerome that was a little different. It's an old copper mining town that has become an artist colony.

So here I sit waiting for this conference to get started. I doubt I'll be able to post during it but hopefully I can give you a summary next week.

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